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The price of lotion products of Celanese has been raised since June 1.

it is reported that Celanese is the world's leading chemical company that will display the word "PC control" on the experimental LCD screen. It is also the world's leading polymer lotion manufacturer. On May 17, Celanese announced that it will increase the price of all lotion products sold to Europe, including its cyrolite acrylic copolymer continent and the Middle East, by 80 euros/ton. It will take effect from June 1, 2010, or the contract allows it

the products of this price increase include all poly (vinyl acetate) homopolymer to jointly establish an innovative platform, vinyl acetate copolymer and vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) lotion. Their applications include but are not limited to the following applications: adhesives, paints and coatings, non-woven fabrics, glass fibers and textiles

customers can contact the sales representative of Celanese for more details about the price increase

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