The price of the hottest ethylene market in Asia f

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The ethylene market price in Asia fell slightly

the ethylene market price in Asia fell slightly last week. The FOB quotation in Korea was USD/ton, down by USD 10/ton; The quotation of CFR Northeast Asia is USD/ton, down by USD 10/ton; The quotation of CFR Southeast Asia was USD/T, down 5 USD/T. Although the price difference between the buyer and the seller in establishing the macro-control and market regulation mechanism has narrowed to US $10/ton, there was still no confirmed transaction last week, and buyers in Taiwan and the Philippines still hold a wait-and-see attitude. Market sentiment is still in a cautious state. This kind of equipment can only be used as a constant speed friction and wear tester. The continuous decline of naphtha and crude oil prices and the weak demand in the PE market have made the ethylene trading market lifeless. Due to the production reduction of many downstream devices in Southeast Asia, the inventory of sellers in the region has increased

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