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The price of resin for coating is expected to rise as a whole in March

domestic main although there are relevant research reports on such polyurethane materials in China, the resin manufacturers to be returned to the market after the festival in February, and most manufacturers have started work one after another. The resin market is dominated by stable, medium and small increases. However, due to the short working hours after the february holiday, the resin has not been fully recovered as a whole, and the terminal demand is relatively flat, the manufacturer's commencement is still relatively low. It is expected that after March, the main raw materials of the resin will collectively rise and the cost pressure will increase. The main resin manufacturers for coating will successively increase their quotations and pass on the cost pressure, resulting in the rise of the resin price in March. Previously, major foreign resin suppliers, such as kejuya, Evonik, DSM, AOC, recode and so on, successively announced the price increase of resin products in March, which will affect the global market and have a certain impact on the downstream coating market

according to the statistics, the resin manufacturers that mainly announced the price increase in March and the price increase: kejuya, Evonik and DSM sent the first round signal of resin price increase: on March 1, kejuya raised the price of fomrez and other polyester polyol products worldwide by 10%. The price increase is a necessary measure brought about by the rising cost of raw materials. Evonik implemented a global price increase of 8% for degalan brand coating resin products, which are also very common in the company. DSM composite resins increased the price of its unsaturated polyester resin and Neoxil compound and binder products by 150 euros per ton

the second round of resin price rise was concentrated on March 7. AOC, a major overseas resin manufacturer, raised the prices of all polyester resins, gel coats, pigments and additives in the United States and Canada. The price of American products increased by US $0.06 per pound and that of Canadian products increased by US $0.13 per kilogram. Recode group raised the selling price of its unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl ester resin in North America by US $0.06/lb

in addition, the domestic resin market is stable. Major domestic suppliers such as Jiangsu Sanmu and Shanghai Yuanbang operate well, and the market trading atmosphere is stable. Driven by the rising prices of main upstream raw materials, Shandong Xinyue, Huangshan HengYuan, Baling Petrochemical and other enterprises have also raised the prices of their resin products

from the price increase statement of overseas resin suppliers, it is analyzed that the reasons for the price increase mainly include: the cost pressure of raw materials, especially the shock recovery of international crude oil, and the growth of transportation costs, labor costs and other factors

in addition to the impact of international crude oil, some analysts believe that as the downstream coating market ushers in the peak supply and marketing period after the festival, the market demand will increase significantly in March, creating a good digestion capacity, which also brings good news for the improvement of the price of coating resin. At the same time, the domestic inflation is relatively serious and the cost support is strong. In the short term, the resin market construction technology is not up to standard, which further fuels the flames. The high-level consolidation of the market may be large, and some manufacturers who did not raise prices in the early stage may make up a small increase

generally speaking, the rising price of domestic coating resin is still due to the rapid development of downstream coating market. With the promotion of urbanization, infrastructure projects, transportation, energy projects and other construction projects, a group of manufacturers are also adding the construction and capacity expansion of resin projects. It is reported from Kunshan Nanya that the 186300 T/A epoxy resin plant of the company passed the fire acceptance of relevant departments years ago, and is currently making the final safety confirmation. It has been officially put into production by the end of February, It is expected to enter the market in March. It is expected that the epoxy resin, which is the largest sample of open innovation and overseas innovation of multinational enterprises in the paint market, will develop well in the future market, and its market demand growth is still estimated to be more than 10%

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