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Copper scrap prices are relatively strong. Some bronze scrap is out of stock. Copper prices fluctuated in a narrow range this week. Merchants normally ship and receive goods, and the downstream can maintain a certain amount of raw material inventory. They mainly purchase on demand. However, due to the interference of the epidemic this year, the overall supply-demand relationship is still tight. The quotation of the holders is relatively strong, and they tend to ship in cash; In addition, there is a phenomenon that some bronze models are short of waste materials, which are buried in the mold by robots. According to the implementation of standard cost management SMM, the new waste solid law in September greatly inhibited imports, and the import deduction quotation was further expanded. In fact, domestic enterprises have a strong desire to purchase imported scrap copper, but there are few approvals left for many small and medium-sized scrap enterprises, shipping companies refuse to ship because they are worried about being punished by the new solid waste law, and enterprises are unwilling to bear the import risk of high fines. The market can only wait and see for imported scrap copper

the contract discount of waste copper pole in Jiangxi to Shanghai copper in the current month is about yuan/ton, maintaining the advantage of price difference compared with refined copper pole and attracting downstream procurement. However, as the overall demand of the cable industry is in the off-season, the demand (MPS ⑶) type go2- 11 ⑷ 0.6 watt 3-phase 380V 50 Hz 1400 RPM double head performance of waste copper pole is also relatively general. Scrap copper rods are delivered at parity by manufacturers, and the market quotation of scrap copper rods this week is quite uniform

the weekly average price of 1nbright copper this week was 46190 yuan/ton, which was the same as that of last week. The weekly average fine waste price difference was 2159 yuan/ton, which was 158 yuan/ton lower than that of last week. In terms of imported scrap copper, the CIF quotation of 1waste copper this week is the contract price of American refined copper in December minus 30 cents/pound, and the CIF quotation of 2waste copper is the contract price of American refined copper in December minus 40 cents/pound

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