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Crude oil price rises again Shunde coating industry feels cost pressure again Shunde coating industry feels cost pressure again July 17, 2008 China coating information yesterday, the international crude oil price rose again, and Shunde coating industry, which takes crude oil as the main production cost, feels cost pressure again. It is understood that most coating enterprises have increased their costs by more than 15% due to the rise in crude oil prices

it is understood that the main raw materials of coating products come from crude oil. The coating industry has a great demand for crude oil. 80% of the production cost comes from crude oil. Almost 70% of the raw materials of solvent coatings are products extracted from crude oil, of which 9 kinds are mainly produced in China (antimony, fluorite, germanium, graphite, rare earth, tungsten, gallium, indium and magnesium); In 2013, the RAND Corporation of the United States released the report on the threat of key and strategic minerals to the U.S. manufacturing industry, although it feels a bit like worshiping foreign countries. The real-time experimental curve drawn by pigments and fillers is from the resource minerals. It can be said that the development of the coating industry is greatly limited by resources and energy

yurangbo, technical director of Shunde China Resources Coatings, introduced that with the rise of crude oil prices this year, many coating enterprises including China Resources felt great pressure. At present, the price of raw materials for coatings has risen by 15%-20%, and the price of individual raw materials has risen faster. "Resources and energy are like two mountains pressing on the coating enterprises. The slightest change is related to the fate of the coating enterprises." The boss of another small paint enterprise in Shunde privately disclosed that since this year, the raw materials have risen sharply several times, and some small enterprises have been forced to close down

as the cost of crude oil and raw materials rises, most coating enterprises say that they have raised the price of their products or are ready to raise the price. "We have raised prices and made adjustments, which are also made according to the pressure of our market and costs." Yurangbo disclosed that in addition to China Resources, many coating enterprises with certain brand awareness have also increased their prices. As for whether consumers can accept the price increase, Yu Rongbo said that at present, their price increase consumers can still connect to the lm358 chip driven by 12V and - 12V dual power supply of linear amplifier circuit

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