The price of the hottest car tyres generally rose

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The price of automobile tyres generally rose by 5%

affected by the rise in rubber prices, the price of tyres generally rose by about 5%

according to the market feedback since April, the price increase of Bridgestone tires is about 13% - 15%. Hu Maolin, the person in charge of Michelin's Hubei distribution, said that at present, the growth rate of a single tire is 20-40 yuan, or about 5%

it is learned from the tire terminal sellers that the prices of imported and domestic tires have increased by tens of yuan, but most of them have not exceeded 5%. The increase explained by the seller is due to the fact that the nanotube enters the composite without affecting the price of large-size carbon fiber. The reason is that the price of raw materials is rising

it is understood that the price of rubber has soared since last year, and the increase of some natural rubber has reached 100%. In addition, in addition to the price rise of rubber, an important component, the results show that the prices of other relevant raw materials (such as cord fabric, carbon black, etc.) are also rising at home and abroad in the process of internal coolant grinding

economic analysts pointed out that China's economy is developing rapidly in recent years, which has driven the increase in the demand for many natural products and processed products. In the case of insufficient supply and demand, the rise will bring a chain reaction. Moreover, the global oil price is also high, which makes synthetic rubber rising, and also drives the price of natural rubber rising. Post event

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