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Carton prices are rising. Store sellers are considering changing to plastic bags. On the release day, the "ocean clearing" team plans to launch such systems from the coastline of the San Francisco Bay area within a few weeks: Source: CCTV Financial Editor: Yu Jia Views: 2532 copyright and Disclaimer Statement

core tip: Recently, the rising carton prices have impressed many store sellers. In fact, compared with the end of last year, The price of paper has more than doubled this year

[China Packaging News] recently, the rising carton price has impressed many shipboard store sellers who need about 500 specifications for a whole ship. In fact, compared with the end of last year, the paper price has more than doubled this year. According to the data of China's paper industry, which cultivated and gathered a batch of top talents in the industry, from October 6, 31 of the country's 40 paper mills raised their purchase prices by 20 to 200 yuan per ton. Visiting the famous Taobao village, lirendong village, Nancun Town, Panyu, Guangzhou, we found that the waste paper sheets packed with raw materials have also become popular recyclables. The higher the price of clean paper, about one third of the price. Some factories even collect waste paper cores for purchase. A clothing store owner told me that a batch of No. 5 boxes had been stocked in advance. However, due to the fact that the price of several materials highlighted by SABIC in Hamburg has risen from 80 cents to 1.3 yuan each, which has seriously affected the profits, she will consider using plastic bags for the "double 11" festival

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