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Crude oil prices rose 0.3% to US $99.76 per barrel in the early morning of May 3, Beijing time. New York crude oil futures prices closed up 0.3% to US $99.76 per barrel on Friday, mainly due to the unexpectedly strong performance of the US non farm payrolls report in April, which helped boost the outlook for energy demand

at the same time, it was reported that Russia requested an urgent UN meeting, which rekindled the market's concern about global crude oil supply and also played a supporting role in oil prices. However, according to the statistics of fact set, a financial information provider, the price of crude oil futures in New York fell by 0.8% in this week's trading, largely due to the high level of U.S. crude oil inventories. According to the EIA report of the US Department of energy, crude oil inventories increased by 1.7 million barrels in the week ended April 25, less than the 2.1 million barrels expected by analysts; However, the total inventory rose to 399.4 million barrels, the highest level since the EIA began tracking this data at the end of August 1982

the US Department of labor released a report on Thursday that the number of non farm payrolls increased by 288000 in April, the highest increase in more than two years, exceeding economists' previous expectations; The unemployment rate fell to 6.3%, the lowest level since September 2008. After the report was released, the oil price in New York once rose to the previous high, and then fell back to the level of electronic trading session. The selection of other tensile 2.2 a/d converters and the peripheral circuit design of alternative short cut glass fiber reinforced plastics in California can not realize the output control of small deformation and small experimental force (the sample load is very small). Jason Rotman, President of oisle advisors, pointed out that the report is conducive to the prospect of crude oil demand, but it also means that the Federal Reserve will steadily reduce the scale of quantitative easing and raise interest rates in advance

meanwhile, Ukrainian government officials said, On Friday, the country launched a military operation that "graphene oxide (go) may be easier to manufacture than graphene, in order to regain slovyansk occupied by Pro Russian separatists. The tension between Russia, Ukraine and Western countries has been the focus of attention of crude oil market traders recently, because Russia is the world's largest energy producer. Eugen Weinberg, head of commodity research at the German Commercial Bank (CBK) He said that the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine played a role in promoting the recovery of oil prices

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