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Electrical equipment: the price of MB cobalt continued to drop sharply, recommending 7 shares.

key points of investment this week:


[Bureau of Statistics: 17 new wind power installations per month. Or 2gw domestic chain extender with low performance, with an average utilization of 1891 hours] on December 21, the national Bureau of statistics released the statistics of the national power industry in 2018. In June, China's cumulative installed wind power capacity was 179.8 million KW, a year-on-year increase of 12.2%; The newly increased installed capacity of wind power was 17.2 million KW, an increase of 4.2 million KW year on year; The cumulative average utilization hours of wind power equipment nationwide was 1891 hours, an increase of 139 hours year-on-year, an increase of 7.9 percentage points year-on-year. We expect that the new installed capacity in 2018 will reach GW, the wind abandonment rate will continue to improve, the new installed capacity of wind power will continue to grow steadily in the next two years, and the proportion of wind power is expected to continue to increase. It is suggested to pay active attention to the vernier in wind power: Tianneng heavy industry, (,), Taisheng wind energy, Riyue shares


[the regulations on investment management of automobile industry were implemented, which will help the healthy and orderly development of the industry] on December 18, the national development and Reform Commission officially issued the regulations on investment management of automobile industry, which will be implemented from January 10, 2019. The regulations have effectively restrained the new production capacity of fuel vehicles, contributed to the orderly release of the new production capacity of vehicles, and benefited the development of new energy vehicles. Although the regulations cancel the technical requirements of some power batteries, it does not mean that the general trend of power batteries towards high energy density has changed. In the fierce competition in the power battery industry, companies with core technologies and high capacity utilization are expected to stand out. It is suggested to actively pay attention to the midstream leading lithium battery companies: Enjie Co., Ltd. (,), (,) and Ningde times


[MB cobalt continued to decline sharply, and lithium carbonate prices fell steadily] according to Xinlun information, from December 15 to December 21, the mainstream quotation of domestic electrolytic cobalt fell to 10000 yuan/ton, down about 27500 yuan/ton compared with last week. Co3O4 remained stable at 10000/ton. Cobalt sulfate was reported to be around 64000 yuan/ton, a decrease of 6000 yuan/ton compared with last week. Overseas cobalt prices fell even more. On December 21, MB low-grade cobalt was quoted at 26.5 (-1) -28 (-1.5) dollars per pound, and high-grade cobalt was quoted at 26.25 (-0.75) -28 (-1) dollars per pound. Cobalt prices at home and abroad fell this week, with even greater declines overseas, and the price difference between domestic and foreign cobalt narrowed. Under the condition that the overseas cobalt industry giants have no plans to reduce production, it is expected that the industry will continue to oversupply in 2019, and there is still room for cobalt prices to fall. The mainstream price of lithium carbonate is 7 50000/ton, no change compared with last week, industrial carbon reported 6 10000/ton. The production of lithium in Salt Lake is reduced in winter, and there is limited room for the price of lithium carbonate to fall during the year. Next year, the overall supply of lithium carbonate exceeds the demand. It is expected that the price may continue to decline after the spring. In terms of ternary materials, the mainstream price of ncm523 power ternary materials is 15 About 80000 yuan/ton, the quotation of ncm523 capacity ternary material is 148000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of single crystal 523 ternary material is 10000 yuan/ton; The mainstream price of model 811 was 10000 yuan/ton, down 0. 5% from the end of last week 10000 yuan/ton, mainly because the demand for 811 materials did not reach the expected growth. The price of lithium hexafluorophosphate was flat this week. At present, the mainstream quotation is about 95000 yuan/ton. Attention: (,), (,), Zangger holdings, (,), (,)

Market Review: last week, the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen Composite Index and Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index rose or fell by -2 respectively, but the charging time was only 16 seconds 99%、-3.83%、-4.31%。

the top five gainers in last week were (,) (), (,) (), (,) (), (,) (), (,) (), (,) () with increases of 7.06%, 6.62% and 5.17% respectively. Here we summarize some methods of 3.91% and 2.95%

risk tips: the sales volume of new energy vehicles is less than expected, the double credit policy is less than expected, the price of raw materials fluctuates sharply, the explosion of new energy vehicles and other emergencies

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