The revolution of 1911 is released today. Li Bingb

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The epic blockbuster "revolution of 1911", which was released on September 23, held a "battlefield romance" press conference in Beijing

the epic blockbuster "revolution of 1911" released on September 23 was held in Beijing “ Battlefield romance ” release conference. After entering the performing arts circle for so many years, I can better understand the importance of home for an actress. Li Bingbing's thoughts of home become more and more intense because of his uncertain days outside

it is reported that Li Bingbing bought a new luxury house in the high-standard domestic housing area near the East Third Ring Road in Beijing, with a market price of 70000 yuan per square meter, which is more expensive than the 50000 yuan newly bought by Zhang Ziyi. Li Bingbing bought 400 square meters, with a total price of 28million yuan

Li Bingbing grew up in a happy and harmonious family in Northeast China. Besides her parents, she also has a lovely sister. It is true that sisters love each other deeply. The mutual love between Li Bingbing and her sister has added countless joys and warmth to this small family. It is precisely because he grew up in such a harmonious family environment that Li Bingbing now yearns for home more strongly





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