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Liugong C series forklifts have been grandly launched: extreme energy efficiency and smart enjoyment have been grandly launched.

Liugong C series forklifts: extreme energy efficiency and smart enjoyment have been grandly launched.

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in recent years, the field of industrial vehicles has been impacted by the industry trend of "Internet + Intelligence", and has begun to become a large-scale Internet intelligent model. Major forklift manufacturers have also entered the tide of R & D and manufacturing of intelligent industrial vehicles, Step into the smart high-end market. On March 29, Liugong released a new c-series high-end model, a new product integrating high performance and intelligence, which is positioned in the medium and high-end market. Provide users with a truly efficient and comfortable handling equipment. After four years of research and development, consistent quality has created an extraordinary degree of user trust. What kind of surprise will Liugong bring to us in intelligent logistics products? Everything is done at the new product launch of Liugong "extreme energy efficiency and intelligent enjoyment"

Liugong new product launch site

the meeting was presided over by wangzhichun, executive vice general manager of Liuzhou Liugong forklift Co., Ltd. industrial vehicle marketing company, and wangtaiping, vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. and general manager of Liuzhou Liugong forklift Co., Ltd. delivered a speech. Mr. Wang introduced that after the rapid development in recent years, Liugong forklift has developed a new generation of high-end positioning product - C series forklift through quality control and technology improvement, aiming to build the brand value and market competitiveness of Liugong forklift. Liugong C series is a newly customized forklift specially designed for domestic and foreign medium and high-end markets. The design concept is from the hands of British masters, which reflects the excellent model of Liugong for creating high-end equipment from the inside out. Liugong forklift truck, as the group's key project development and investment, is a global strategic policy. It has realized industrial scale and technology improvement in the three major production bases at home and abroad. In combination with Liugong's domestic and foreign R & D technical achievements, it has also achieved the new product launched by Liugong today. In terms of performance, it focuses on stability, intelligence, comfort and other factors. Liugong forklift shoulders the mission of national brand. The international R & D team of Liugong has cooperated with local teams in depth for 4 years to create a new generation of C series forklift comparable to international famous brands. The highest end equipment representing Liugong is flowing all over the body. In particular, through 3D printing technology such as FDM, they have pioneered the economic DNA prepared by cell tissue culture method, with excellent performance and achieved an industry model

wangtaiping, vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. and general manager of Liuzhou Liugong forklift truck Co., Ltd. made a speech

Liugong has the batch supply and transformation ability of automatic material handling vehicles AGV, and has an automatic logistics distribution scheme planning team, which can provide comprehensive solutions in the manufacturing field of automobile and machinery industries, and has been affirmed and continuously purchased by many major customers; In 2016, the company completed the mass production of c-series 3-ton internal combustion counterweight forklift, 12 ton container carrier, 45 ton front crane, lithium battery fork products, forward moving forklift, picking truck and other product development, and obtained nearly 20 technical patents; The quality, performance and cost of medium and large tonnage internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts have been further improved; The CCTV program challenge impossible, which has successfully launched Liugong's products three times, has made the audience across the country see the extreme operating performance of Liugong's forklift and enjoy the fun of driving, which has greatly improved the brand influence of Liugong's forklift. At the same time, Liugong ldquo; The automatic stretching experimental robot system of the experimental testing center rdquo; It has also won the "customer satisfaction product", "customer satisfaction service" and "advanced unit of customer satisfaction" awards issued by China Quality Association. In 2017, Liugong international and domestic markets will develop in concert, further improve the product structure, strengthen the investment and promotion of key customers, key channels and key industries, further innovate and change, and improve organizational efficiency. We are confident and able to fully achieve our business objectives in 2017 and accelerate our ascent to the middle and high end of the global value chain

Zhang Jie, Secretary General of industrial vehicle branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, delivered a speech

subsequently, Zhang Jie, Secretary General of industrial vehicle branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, made an analysis of the domestic and foreign industrial vehicle market. In the analysis, Secretary General Zhang presented the analysis in the form of data from the industry sales volume, growth rate, development trend of electric vehicles and internal combustion vehicles, provided valuable and constructive guidance to forklift enterprises, and pointed out the future development direction of the enterprise. She pointed out that after more than a year of adjustment, China's industrial vehicles saw new growth in 2016. The total sales volume of motor industrial vehicles was 370000 units, an increase of 12.95% compared with 320000 units in the same period in 2015. Both domestic and export markets hit new record highs. At a stage when the domestic economic growth is slowing down and the international trade environment is complex, it is indeed beyond everyone's expectations to achieve such achievements. From the three adjustments of China's industrial vehicles after the financial crisis, the total demand for industrial vehicles is still on the rise in both the domestic market and the international market. Especially in the domestic market, the logistics industry has entered the stage of substantial improvement in infrastructure, work efficiency and service scope from the initial stage of development. As one of the most widely used logistics equipment, industrial vehicles benefit from the overall social demand for logistics equipment during this period. In addition to the steady growth of the total sales volume, the demand for vehicle models is also changing. From the sales data in recent years, the change in the proportion of electric forklift and internal combustion forklift, balance weight forklift and storage forklift is the most important feature. The keywords of environmental protection, intelligence, differentiation and service upgrading are summarized according to the demand trend of social development, and enterprises in the industry should attach great importance to them. In 2017, the industrial vehicle industry will continue to maintain social demand. Enterprises should pay more attention to the changes in customers' demand for products and services, and export enterprises should timely understand the possible changes in new trade rules in various countries. Seize opportunities, make timely adjustments and actively respond. The growth of quantity is gratifying, but the improvement of quality is more important. May Liugong live up to the expectations of the public, sell C series models, and make its own characteristics and contributions to the healthy development of the industry

speech by huanghaibo, President of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.

"As one of the fastest growing manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment in the world, Liugong has made impressive achievements in both domestic development and international market. Liugong is committed to providing high-quality construction machinery products and services to customers all over the world. Therefore, any decision we make has been carefully considered. For any market, only in terms of parts service and experts can we find that metal fatigue has brought Only after the support team of the coming infringing industry is in place can it enter the market "; Mr. huanghaibo, President of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., said: "Liugong's new generation c-series internal combustion forklift has made sincere upgrades in intelligence, efficiency, comfort and reliability. Thanks to Liugong group's strong technical reserves and resource support, the 'personality' of c-series is first reflected in its' intelligence '. It inherits the excellent pedigree of the previous generation A-Series, and users can still choose freely according to the working conditions: economic, standard and power three gear working mode to provide customers with comprehensive solutions Case. By the end of 2016, Liugong had more than 130 dealers worldwide, including partners from developed countries such as the United States, Britain, France and Belgium. In the post market field, Liugong has also taken an important step. In 2016, Liugong global customer experience center (gcec) was built and put into operation in Liuzhou. The global customer experience center will provide Liugong's global customers with better, more convenient and faster services in terms of parts or technical support. "

launch ceremony of Liugong new products

launch ceremony of Liugong new vehicles

wangyunhua, executive deputy general manager and director of the forklift Research Institute of Liuzhou Liugong forklift Co., Ltd., introduced the excellent performance characteristics and competitive advantages of the new products of Liugong forklift to the participants

wangyunhua, executive deputy general manager of Liuzhou Liugong forklift Co., Ltd.

the main features of Liugong C series are summarized as follows: 4C (clever intelligence, comfort comfort, celerity efficiency, careless). It has all the features required by modern forklifts: it adopts EFI ECU engine, can bus circuit control and intelligent LCD instrument, which can easily select the economic, standard and efficient engine mode, and can set the startup password, limit the running speed, sense the driver's on-site operation and obtain the fault code, so as to give customers a more safe, comfortable and efficient operation experience

comfortable and convenient

humanized operation layout. The internal space has been increased by 20% at the same time. With the wide body buffer seat, even the large driver can operate more than enough; The 410mm high low-level pedal design and the steering wheel adjustment mechanism with automatic return make it easier for the driver to reach the position in one step

excellent suspension transmission system, low vibration and noise, smooth operation, no resonance point in the whole process, bringing more comfortable experience

small diameter steering wheel, service brake with 15% reduction of control force and parking brake with 40% reduction of control force all significantly reduce driver fatigue

Liugong forklift

efficient and durable

c series adopts world-renowned Cummins, Yangma and PSI engines, and matches with the latest gearbox of Liugong, which is efficient and reliable

the new gantry with embedded rollers and the steering axle with tapered bearings are more competent for heavy load conditions

the three-stage heat dissipation system (engine, gearbox and hydraulic system) can adapt to the working environment up to 45 ℃

worry free support

Liugong's sales and service network in all provinces of China and more than 130 overseas countries, with a 2-year or 3000h warranty, makes your clothes and pillows worry free

in addition, during the outdoor test drive, the media further had a deep contact with Liugong C series forklift, and had an intuitive experience of the performance and quality of the product. Efficiency and intelligence will be synonymous with this car. It is believed that this also makes the brand value of Liugong forklift more popular

45 ton front crane

wangyunhua explained the product technology and advantages of the C series forklift, and the differences between the C series forklift and the ordinary forklift in the characteristics of "intelligence", R & D technology and high efficiency

vice president Wang Taiping elaborated on the market positioning and future strategic direction of this forklift, that is, to follow the benign operation system of sustainable development and establish brand value with advanced technology and quality. Instead of pursuing the bottleneck mode of market price war by seeking quantity, we should create a new industry image with differentiated development thinking. On the one hand, Liugong's international market demands that there is still much room for the development of Chinese forklift trucks in the international market. Youqi has a very low proportion of Chinese forklift trucks in the U.S. market, which has a great relationship with the quality and technology of our domestic products. Relying on its resource advantages, Liugong group is very clear about the quality and performance requirements of the international market. The C series is a high-end model that meets the international requirements. This model also embodies Liugong's strong R & D capability, leads the industry from follow-up development to independent R & D, and creates enterprise and brand value

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integrating big data resources through intelligent and automated technology will become a new direction of the future industrial chain. Supported by the powerful platform of Liugong group and Liugong Co., Ltd., Liugong forklift continues to increase effective investment and innovate and develop continuously,

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