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Liugong held the national tour of "small machinery · big stage" Liugong held the national tour of "small machinery · big stage" Liugong held the national tour of "small machinery · big stage" Introduction: a petite Liugong 325 skid steer loader performed shooting on a circular stage. At the same time, a 365a skid steer loader and a 766 excavator loader were ready to complete the air relay after receiving the pass, This certainly cannot challenge Shaquille O'Neal with Chinese NBA star Yao Ming

a petite Liugong 325 skid steer loader is performing shooting on a circular stage. At the same time, a 365a skid steer loader and a 766 excavator loader are ready to complete the "air relay" after receiving the pass. Of course, this cannot be compared with the competition of Chinese NBA star Yao Ming challenging "Shaquille O'Neal". However, the fierce ball grabbing performance of three construction machinery has won warm applause from the audience. In the impression of ordinary people, mines, highways, railways and other environments are the stage for engineering machinery performance. It is the first time for engineering machinery to play basketball, let alone perform on a circular stage! It is obvious that customers have also deepened their understanding of minicomputers through this interesting activity. "Since March 16, Liugong has held a tour of 'small machinery · big stage - feeling Tour' in 13 cities across the country, which is to bring the image, information and use of Liugong's small machinery products to Liugong's dealers and customers. We hope that through this tour, our products will enter the Northeast heavy industry cities Shenyang, Spring City Kunming, spring city Jinan and ancient city, which are a great burden to Xi'an, and enter every dealer and user Through a series of interesting performances, our product performance is more perfectly displayed at the door of users and dealers, and the cultural connotation of Liugong is conveyed. " Zhaojingxing, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Liugong, said

for Chinese customers, small construction machinery is no longer a strange equipment. At the Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition held in early november2009, the participants were deeply impressed by the interesting performance of Liugong sliding loader on the booth and the "elegant" action of spectral line sliding loader because each element has its own characteristics. "In fact, as early as 2004, after Jiangsu Liugong produced small construction machinery such as skid steer loaders, Liugong began to carry out market promotion, and incorporated the sales of Liugong small construction machinery into the marketing system of Liugong. On the one hand, Liugong manufactured equipment that met the needs of customers according to the market development trend, on the other hand, the new products developed by Liugong were suitable for adopting compact or impact crushing equipment; while PE, PP, PA and a BS and other materials with good toughness at normal temperature are constantly guiding the change of construction technology, and thus contributing to the development of the whole industry. " Yuyajun, assistant to the president of Liugong and general manager of Liugong's domestic marketing department, believes that after nearly a decade of exploration and marketing, Liugong's customers have a deep understanding of the versatility of small machines, and small construction machinery has a broad development space in the future road and municipal maintenance fields, with huge market potential

the multi-function of small construction machinery such as skid steer loader is its highlight. At the "small machine · big stage" event held in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province on March 16, the narrator gave a moving explanation in cooperation with the 325 and 365a performances. Several staff members needed to quickly change their accessories according to the 365a cutting, milling, cleaning, crushing and other performances. At the subsequent press conference, Yu Yajun told more than 20 media present: "Liugong's skid steer loader has kept pace with foreign advanced products in terms of product performance and quality. Liugong even further extended the skid steer loader series to produce a smaller 325 skid steer loader." Customers' demand also focuses on the multi-function of a small computer. A skid steer loader can replace its accessories in less than 2 minutes, and is engaged in road maintenance, snow removal, crushing and other operations. Moreover, the compact model will not occupy too much space on the flowing urban roads or expressways, affecting vehicle traffic

from the end of 2009 to the beginning of 2010, Liugong skid steer loaders frequently carried out voluntary snow removal operations on urban roads and highways in Hebei, Henan and other places, bringing convenience to people's travel. "After ten years of exploration and efforts, customers have gradually begun to recognize the skid steer loaders in the last twoorthree years. Customers have realized the huge benefits of multiple skid steer loaders." David beatenbough, vice president of Liugong in charge of small computer R & D, cited more examples: "In the past, some operations that could not be completed by large equipment were often done by manpower, such as road maintenance. However, when excavating roads by manpower, it often brought problems such as different depth of pavement excavation, irregular shape of pit mouth, etc. if sliding loaders and milling wheels were used instead of manpower, such problems would not occur, and the efficiency would be greatly improved."

for the development of the minicomputer market, the biggest problem is that the market is not mature and the manufacturer has incomplete series. Another purpose of the tour held by Liugong is to show the series of multi-functional accessories developed by Liugong and cultivate potential customers in the market. "Only by cultivating more potential customers can the market of small construction machinery be developed." Guan Tongbao from the United States cited the development process of small machines in his own country in the past decade as an example, "Now, the dealers of equipment parameters for China's gas spring fatigue life testing machine are facing the same problems faced by American dealers ten years ago. Ten years ago, those dealers in the United States who saw that there were a large number of potential customers for small machines began to act as agents for the sales of small machines, and they finally achieved good development. However, those dealers who did not enter the field of small machines ten years ago are now facing some difficulties!" For manufacturers, the key to attracting potential customers to buy minicomputers is to develop a series of accessories that meet customers' needs. "At present, one of Liugong's most important tasks is to develop more accessories to meet the needs of customers, so as to make the advantage of one machine with multiple functions more obvious." Yuyajun said confidently

the manufacturing level of Liugong minicomputer can not only meet the construction needs of domestic customers, but also has realized export for a long time. When answering questions after the meeting, Guan Tongbao said that Liugong's minicomputer can definitely meet the needs of customers in Europe and the United States. At present, Liugong skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders have passed the European CE certification and are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Australia, India, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Guinea and the Philippines. Yuyajun is also very optimistic about the domestic market: "the growth potential of China's small construction machinery market in the next few years is huge. It is estimated that by 2015, the demand for China's small construction machinery will reach 10000 units per year. Some enterprises with strategic vision have already begun to explore the market. Fortunately, Liu Gong did not fall behind when the competition began quietly." The national experience activity of Liugong's "small machine · big stage" makes Liugong's small machine skilful on the whole competition stage

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