Wangjinfang, the most popular chairman of Kent Wri

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On December 18, the fifth "Golden Bridge Award" and the 2011 Annual Meeting of China Technology Market Association, hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People's government and China Technology Market Association, Zhejiang kenlai conscientiously implemented relevant national laws and regulations, and Wang JinFang, chairman of special transmission industry Co., Ltd., led the independent innovation and development of the enterprise, He has made outstanding achievements in belt transmission technology and won the advanced individual award of the 5th China Golden Bridge Award. At the same time, employees can clearly imagine the requirements and expectations of the organization for themselves. The "friction and meshing composite chuankesi Chuang cosmetics business" invented by wangjinfang, said that if there is any looseness, NE sum, the global head of the "friction and meshing composite chuankesi Chuang cosmetics business," Kesi Chuang is a high-tech polymer company dynamic system with 80 years of innovation history. "It also won the honor of the excellent project of the Fifth China Golden Bridge Award

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