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Liuchanghe: the prospect of domestic titanium dioxide chlorination process is promising.

recently, the 60kt/a titanium dioxide chlorination project being prepared by Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. has generated great repercussions in the domestic titanium dioxide industry. Once the project is officially launched, it is likely to bring unprecedented changes to the industry. What will be the impact of Yunnan Xinli 60kt/a titanium dioxide chlorination project after it is put into operation? What is the development and Prospect of chlorination process? On this series of hot topics, China titanium dioxide interviewed Mr. liuchanghe, a member of the expert group of Titanium Dioxide Branch of China Coating Association and a senior consultant of CITIC Jinzhou Ferroalloy Co., Ltd

note: at present, the chlorination process is not mature in China. At present, except for one enterprise in Jinzhou titanium industry, China basically adopts the sulfuric acid titanium dioxide process. Mr. Liu, do you think it is a venture investment for Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. to start the 60000 t chlorination titanium dioxide project

Liu: Jinzhou 15000 t chlorination unit has successfully tackled key problems and reached the production standard. It has applied for 8 patents and mastered advanced chlorination process technology, which has enhanced the confidence and determination of domestic enterprises to apply chlorination process. It has been proved that it is feasible to introduce foreign advanced technology through technical consultation. I have participated in the review of 60000 t/a titanium dioxide project by chlorination process of Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. and believe that the process is feasible. Because the enterprise has not been exposed to chlorinated titanium dioxide in the past, and has no practical understanding, in addition, the device is larger and the technical difficulty is higher, so there are still great risks to smoothly put into operation and reach production

note: we have learned that the 60kt/a chlorinated titanium dioxide project of Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. has been listed as one of the six key projects in Yunnan Province and has received huge financial support from the state. Why can the 60kt/a chlorinated titanium dioxide project of the company receive strong support from governments at all levels? Mr. Liu would like to share his views on this

Liu: I think that China should absorb the experience and lessons from the development of titanium dioxide industry in Europe and the United States, encourage the development of advanced technical routes representing the development of titanium dioxide industry, and encourage the development of chlorination method, which is beneficial to the technological progress of the industry. It is precisely because the country recognizes the superiority of the technical route of the chlorination process that it supports its development at all costs, which also reflects the forward-looking awareness of the relevant competent departments of the government and the rationality of the macro-control policies

reporter: Mr. Liu, as an authoritative expert in the titanium dioxide industry, you should have a better understanding of the chlorination project to be put into production by Yunnan Xinli. What do you think is the difference between the chlorination process introduced by Yunnan Xinli and the chlorination process of Jinzhou titanium industry, such as 1% to 5%; What about the same

Liu: know something. I think they are the same as far as the distance between the supporting rollers of the process itself can be adjusted, but the equipment to realize the process has been an important part of the medical field for a long time. Ophthalmic treatment and health care are inseparable from the use of various biomedical materials: artificial substitutes, such as artificial eyeballs and artificial lacrimal ducts, need to be implanted for ocular organic injuries; Artificial cornea should be implanted to help patients with severe corneal diseases recover their brightness; Intraocular lens implantation is necessary for cataract surgery; Adhesives and hemostatic agents for ophthalmic surgery; There are differences in the need for corneal contact lenses for the protection and correction of eye vision. I personally believe that the chlorination titanium dioxide process and devices in Jinzhou have been digested, absorbed and innovated, and all production devices have been localized. However, Yunnan Xinli titanium industry has just been put into operation, lacking in technological innovation; In terms of some core technologies, Jinzhou titanium industry is better than the technology introduced by Yunnan Xinli Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. and it is the first case in the world that Jinzhou titanium industry adopts molten salt chlorination technology and gas-phase oxidation technology. Molten salt chlorination is more suitable for domestic titanium resources. Yunnan Xinli still has a certain distance to go

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