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Liugong 922E: global vision, first-class operation, easy and high-yield

Liugong 922E: global vision, first-class operation, easy and high-yield

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what kind of excavator do users need? It is reliable and durable, with good handling, high efficiency and low fuel consumption! From this point of view, Liugong clg922e excavator has no reason not to fire

after summarizing the huge customer feedback information and expert opinions, after more than 100 technical upgrades and innovations, technical experts at home and abroad jointly formed a team, which took nearly 10000 hours of research and development over three years, and tens of thousands of working condition simulation tests. Finally, this industry's "masterpiece of conscience" - Liugong clg922e excavator was born

Liugong clg922e excavator is in shock

on the selection of main accessories, clg922e continues to work with Kawasaki, a simple daily maintenance manufacturer of the world's top hydraulic product impact testing machine, to tailor its own hydraulic components. Why does the specially customized tensile testing machine adopt the smooth rod Cummins engine, Bosch in-line plunger pump, and the comprehensive design solution brought by Liugong's British process design research, Liugong clg922e excavator is shining from the inside out

high efficiency and low fuel consumption:

cooperate with Cummins to create a customized engine with high efficiency, low fuel consumption and low noise

the advanced IPC (intelligent power control) control system makes full use of the fuel consumption characteristics of the engine to make the best match between the engine and the hydraulic pump, so as to achieve high operation efficiency, low fuel consumption and good economy

the driving force, slewing force and digging force of walking are fully increased

six working modes, select the best working mode according to different working conditions to minimize fuel consumption

automatic idle function, timely adjust the engine speed and save fuel consumption

high reliability:

Cummins tier2, Tier3 and tier4 engines can be equipped

the new KPM low-noise pump and the new main control valve are applicable to the tensile performance test of metal material fusion welding and pressure welding joints

controllers and displays of international famous brands

reinforced structural members

the walking control system with industry-leading technology has strong adaptability to different working conditions

first class maneuverability:

the main control valve expands the control area of the valve core and improves the fretting performance

by improving the oil groove and section of the valve rod, the operability is better

the description of stick logic valve is very objective, and the flat performance is better

improve the slewing performance, make the slewing more smooth and lower noise

new cab, meeting ROPS and FOPS, more comfortable

low noise design, reduce the noise at the source, so that the noise is low when the machine is working

electronic throttle control is adopted for easy operation, more accurate control and fuel saving

the pilot handle has the advantages of labor-saving operation and high sensitivity, and it can control the small movements of the boom and bucket more accurately

ergonomically based design is adopted. Various operating handles are reasonably distributed, humanized and accessible

hit the high end directly and create excellence

the digging power is increased by 14%, the fuel consumption is reduced by more than 10%, and the handling is improved by more than 30%. These intuitive figures are enough to illustrate the strong competitiveness of Liugong clg922e. All aspects of improvement, including quality, performance and service, have given clg922e enough confidence to launch strong challenges to European, American and Japanese brands

market application shows that Liugong clg922e can provide perfect solutions for users who own earthwork workshops, pay attention to quality, especially efficiency, reliability and durability, earthwork users who have high requirements for handling and leveling operations, major customers such as urban users and ports who have high requirements for noise and safety, or customers who have high requirements for excavation efficiency such as large mines and quarries

55 years of outstanding inheritance and integration of international excellent DNA, Liugong e series excavators have reached the forefront of the world in terms of product performance. With this as a sharp weapon, Liugong will spare no effort to create a leading image of national excavators and an international leading brand

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