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Liugong's new hydraulic single drive roller is on the market

Liugong's new hydraulic single drive roller is on the market

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at the beginning of 2017, Liugong's fifth generation E-Series full hydraulic single drive single steel wheel roller was officially launched. With seven advantages, it will become another popular roller series of Liugong

domineering appearance figure

I. high reliability

the unique non impact exciter of Liugong - the highly reliable flow ball structure of the vibration system is adopted, and the special eccentric cavity is equipped with steel balls and anti-wear agents inside to replace the eccentric block of the swing block exciter, generating large and small exciting forces through the movement of the steel balls

when starting and stopping vibration, the steel ball can realize flexible starting and stopping under the buffer of anti-wear agent, so as to avoid the instantaneous impact of the block vibration exciter starting and stopping vibration and hitting the limit pin, eliminate the risk of eccentric block fracture, and ensure the high reliability of the exciter

avoid the impact of starting and stopping vibration, effectively prolong the service life of the exciter, vibration bearing and eccentric shaft, and ensure the high reliability of the vibration system

schematic diagram of non impact exciter

imported heavy-duty closed hydraulic system is adopted - the hydraulic system is highly reliable

the whole series is equipped with Danfoss/Rexroth drive and vibration hydraulic pumps and motors, the power conversion reserve of heavy-duty piston pump is larger, it is easy to deal with bad working conditions, and the hydraulic pressure system is more stable

the plunger pump has less wear and tear. After years of use, it still ensures the power output, excitation force and long service life

hydraulic part drawing

II. High construction quality

full hydraulic drive, realizing the soft start and stop of construction compaction, without indentation, high compaction flatness, and no repeated repair

stepless speed change. The operator can control the compaction speed according to the requirements of the supervisor to ensure the efficient completion of construction requirements

III. outstanding performance

overall optimization and matching technology to achieve greater exciting force and high work efficiency for models of the same tonnage in the industry

full hydraulic drive stepless speed change, which can select the compaction speed required by various working conditions, so as to meet the requirements of different working conditions

IV. high comfort

fully hydraulic drive is adopted. Pushing the operating handle back and forth can complete the forward, backward and braking, eliminating the need to step on the clutch, shift gears and brake frequently. The operation is comfortable and efficient, greatly reducing the operation intensity

the whole series of products are equipped with air conditioner, three-level shock absorption, LCD combination instrument with fault alarm function, radio player with USB interface, front and rear weight adjustable seats, and front and rear adjustable console. It is easy to drive under various working conditions

v. high cost performance

Liugong e series full hydraulic single drive single steel wheel roller is slightly more expensive than mechanical drive products, but it can be bought at a price similar to that of a mechanical drive product in the same industry

VI. green energy saving

the unique eco energy saving mode of Liugong is adopted to achieve dual power output of the engine and save more than 12% energy for continuous construction

during construction, idling and transfer, the fuel consumption can be greatly reduced under eco mode, and the operation cost can be greatly reduced for customers within the service life of the equipment

eco energy-saving mode

the full range of road machinery products of Liugong are equipped with engines that meet the national III emission standard, effectively reducing harmful gas emissions

at the same time, optimize the overall design, effectively reduce the noise of the whole machine, and save energy and environmental protection

VII. Low maintenance cost

Liugong has a unique independent excitation chamber. The two excitation chambers can add up to 6L of gear oil at the end or shoulder of the sample that needs to be clamped by the fixture, and the same industry needs to add about 60L. At the same time, there is no impact exciter, and there is no metal debris caused by the impact of the block type exciter to pollute the bearing lubrication system, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost due to a series of problems encountered in the inspection

the hydraulic system is highly reliable to avoid the increase of maintenance costs caused by wear and failure of mechanical drive products such as clutches and gearboxes

figure of independent excitation chamber

after reading the "four high and three low" advantages of Liugong's new generation E-Series full hydraulic single drive single steel wheel, do you have the impulse to buy it

the whole series of products include clg6620e with a working mass of 20t, clg6622e with a working mass of 22T and clg6626e with a working mass of 26t, which are applicable to the compaction of subgrade and water stable layer of various grade highways

provide customers with all-round construction solutions for the preparatory work road before installation

new clg6626e delivery from old customers in Shandong

Liugong pavement machinery integrates the advanced engineering machinery design and manufacturing technology that Liugong has accumulated for 59 years. In the 17 years since its establishment, it has been innovative, enterprising and ingenious; Always start from the needs of customers, manufacture products with high reliability and high construction quality, and provide customers with all-round road construction solutions and continuous high-quality construction! (this article is from Liugong)

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