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The renovation of old houses is a very important project at any time, from the initial decoration scheme design to the later decoration construction process is a very important process. For many owners who want to renovate their old houses in 2014, it is necessary to memorize some old house renovation matters. Next, Wuhan home decoration network editor will summarize three key points of old house renovation and renovation in 2014, hoping to be helpful to you

key points of old house decoration first, carefully formulate the designer

even for the old house reconstruction, the decoration company also needs to carry out a systematic and even more elaborate design than the new house before decoration. Because the decoration of old houses involves the treatment of three-dimensional walls, it is best to send professionals to conduct on-the-spot investigation of the houses during the decoration design. For example, whether the walls, floors, ceilings, etc. have obvious cracks, whether they are flat, and whether they fall off and sand. If the above problems exist, the base course should be repaired. When repairing, it is best to use environmental friendly interior wall putty. This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non irritating. No matter the old wall or the new wall, it has a very strong adhesion. Its strong permeability is like driving countless nails into the wall, making the original cracked or powdered hollow wall smooth and delicate after grinding, bright and smooth, which is convenient for the construction of latex paint

key points of old house decoration II. Transformation of doors and windows

focus on the transformation of doors and windows. Doors and windows in old houses should be one of the key points of transformation. The photochemical degree of doors and windows can be divided into several situations. First, if the wooden doors and windows are skinned and deformed, it indicates that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed and must be removed and redone; If the material is compact and the surface paint film is intact, it can be used by pasting decorative panels during the secondary construction. Second, if the surface paint film of steel doors and windows and anti-theft windows peels off, and the main body is rusted or cracked, corresponding measures must also be taken to transform them

key points of old house decoration III. purchase of decorative materials

the reconstruction of old house walls and roofs should focus on decorative materials. Among them, the paint on the wall is the most typical. The base course of the wall top of the old house will appear cracking, chalking, mildew and other phenomena to varying degrees after years of use. If these problems are not solved properly, the paint after brushing will also have the adverse consequences of uneven color, rough surface and peeling. This requires the pre-treatment of the base such as the top of the wall





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