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Case 1: Chinese style hybrid home for three 100 square meters decoration

decoration style Chinese style hybrid home for three family members

house type 3 rooms 2 halls 2 bathrooms

building area 132 square meters

use area 100 square meters

recommended reason: the designer takes the living room and master bedroom as the main body to conceive, one open, one private, one open and one relaxed, Chinese elements are the central line of the overall style, mixing modern, simple European Southeast Asian elements, and at the same time, a large number of logs are used in the material. On the premise of environmental protection, it constructs an environment-friendly and warm atmosphere. In the meantime, you will find that there are surprises and interests of life everywhere at home

matching comments: the Chinese style porch and wooden partition are second-hand goods. After carpentry's repair, they have become an antique screen

matching comments: instead of choosing Chinese furniture as usual, the living room chose a wide leather sofa, and comfort comes first. Modern electrical appliances and antique furnishings are cleverly combined, creating a wonderful illusion of blending ancient and modern

matching comments: restaurants and kitchens use a lot of wood decoration. Such a large area of construction is a major test for carpentry, but the completed effect is very "scratch"

matching comments: the furniture in the bedroom is the three piece set that Mrs. ban liked at a glance. The steady tone and retro shape are very compatible with the Chinese tone. There is no curtain used at home, all of which are replaced by hollow wooden windows. Through the arris, it seems that you can see the moon of the Han and Tang Dynasties through time and space

matching comments: with the wardrobe transformed from the original room type, the landscape facade continues the Chinese theme

matching comments: the kitchen cabinet made of solid wood and the ceiling made of solid wood make the kitchen decoration extraordinarily warm

matching comments: antiseptic wood also has good heat preservation performance. Lie quietly in the barrel and take a bath to enjoy a comfortable life. The warm red roses bloom all over the wall, showing the romantic feelings in the host's heart

case 2: Rural mix and match 100 square meters, decoration two person world

decoration style rural mix and match

family members two person world

house type, 2 rooms, 2 halls, 1 bathroom

building area of 112 square meters

use area of 90 square meters

recommended reason: Although the house is small, it can be seen that every corner has been carefully conceived, careful hostess, and carefully make the home a place with stories and become a part of her life. From the use of building materials, we can see that a lot of wallpapers, all kinds of patterns and texture wallpapers, are used in different areas to create different styles

matching comments: the design of the porch is very avant-garde, with a large photo wall. The wall is embedded with iron sheet and covered with wallpaper. Wonderful photos can be hung with beautiful magnet. Moreover, the number of photos can be continuously increased and stacked, which is very fulfilling

matching comments: the design from TV background wall to ceiling to sofa background wall makes the living room integrated. A prototype crystal lamp is installed in the hexagonal groove in the center of the ceiling, and some rounded elements are added to the relatively rigid lines as a whole

matching comments: the owner of the restaurant's background wall once again gave play to the spirit of "moving the outer wall inward", and transplanted the gravel design originally mostly used for pavement onto the wall. The upper and lower two white partitions not only visually separate the wall area, but also put many beautiful small decorations, so that they won't look so stuffy when eating

matching comments: the design of the whole study takes the pastoral style as the main tone. Most of the walls use specially selected green floral wallpaper, while some walls and ceilings use similar light green wall paint. In order to maintain the overall feeling, curtains and gauze curtains also use similar floral patterns

matching comments: the retro style bedroom is very bold in color, but the matching is really comfortable

matching comments: the bathroom is the most satisfactory work of the hostess. The design inspiration comes from the outdoor bathroom design in Bali, which is full of the breath of nature. Break the traditional bathroom ceiling lamp design, and use the suspended crystal lamp, the crystal clear crystal lamp with a large area of glass, so as to reduce the pressure of the whole wall, and make the whole bathroom look larger visually

case 3: simple European hybrid 100 square meters loft residence small duplex

decoration style simple European hybrid

family members of three

house type 3 rooms 2 halls

building area 115 square meters

use area 90 square meters

recommended reason: this case is a small duplex house, the owner used a variety of elements in the decoration, and achieved his own hybrid style. With some European elements in simplicity, it will be a little more charming and exquisite, and the feeling of home will be more warm

matching comments: the overall picture of the living room is connected with the balcony, so the light is very good. Put a single cloth sofa on the balcony, which is a very comfortable rest space

matching comments: because they are newlyweds, the master bedroom is mainly warm and romantic, and red is used more. At the same time, curtain elements are also used in several places. The red master bed is spacious and comfortable

collocation comments: the second bedroom is relatively simple and refreshing, connecting the balcony into a small study

matching comments: the kitchen is open, and the L-shaped cabinet is equipped with a small bar. There are two crystal lights on the bar. When it is turned on, the light is beautiful and romantic. The off white cabinet door panel and the countertop built with ceramic tiles have a faint classical flavor. There are also small flower bricks on the table, which are very exquisite

matching comments: the semi-circular shower area in the main bathroom is blocked by shower curtains, which is economical and beautiful





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