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China has a vast territory and many nationalities, which is also creating the diversity of Chinese cuisine, and cuisine reflects the dietary cultural tradition of the Chinese nation. Compared with the cooking of countries around the world, it has many unique features. However, although there are many kinds of food, they all need the necessary tool for food - gas stove. For ordinary families, gas stoves should be used every day. Of course, it should not be too vague. The emergence of touch-screen stoves has solved the problems of many users, and the price is also very practical. If you want to buy a touch-screen stove for about 4000 yuan, what brands are available


Fangtai gas electric stove jzdy/t/r-ha30b, the elegant appearance of high-grade black, and the irresistible charm of fashion. It adopts Schott glass-ceramic panel, which is as flat as a mirror and has great texture. The electric stove based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating allows families to enjoy the freedom of cooking without open fire and fear the high temperature of open fire in the kitchen. Electric stoves adopt double thermal efficiency technology, which is twice the efficiency of ordinary electromagnetic stoves, greatly improving the heating capacity, and completely comparable to the large firepower of gas stoves. Through the display panel, the cook can intuitively "see" the size of the firepower and master the temperature more accurately

at the same time, the electric cooker breakthroughs to achieve continuous firepower from 3000W to 300W, which can be freely switched according to different cooking needs. The careful 9-segment firepower can fully meet the rich and varied firepower requirements of Chinese food. The low gear is stable, and the high-end stir frying is also excellent. The firepower can be reached with one click, and the cooking is calm and comfortable. A bit of the fly in the ointment is that the price may be on the high side. At the same time, it should be noted that this is an electromagnetic cooker, not using gas. Its working principle is similar to that of an electromagnetic cooker

Fire King

Fire King 3x youth touch screen stove inherits the excellent spin fire gene of fire king. On the new series of touch screen stove q3x1, "spin fire" is better than ever. The shape of the flame is pure and exquisite, forming a circle of its own; The 45 ° acute angle flame is warm and introverted, perfectly fits the bottom of the pot and makes it smooth, heat conduction and non-proliferation. The spatula is no longer hot, and cooking is more decent

this carefully customized touch-screen stove has an exceptionally outstanding thermal load value - a thermal load of 4.5kw and a thermal efficiency of 66%. From slow stewing to fierce stir frying, 13 stage firepower regulation is like a powerful transmission. A larger fire cover, more fire holes, and a new air intake drive can improve the thermal load and thermal efficiency of the fire, while reducing noise under combustion conditions. Under the maximum power condition, the gas combustion noise is only 21db, just like a whisper. The most important touch-screen gas stove, at present, the price is less than 4000 yuan. Friends who need it can understand


vatti magic dish stove, the reversible stove head greatly increases the available space of the kitchen, avoids panel openings, and completely solves the problem of difficult cleaning of the stove. In addition, this design makes it possible to increase the suspension of the upper air intake burner, which makes the flame combustion more stable and efficient, and technically breaks through the problems of fire attenuation, nozzle blockage and so on

the magic dish stove also adopts vatti's unique intelligent five gear firepower precision control system. It can be cooked in a big fire and stewed in a small fire. The magic dish stove can be competent. The 0-120 minute super long timing can realize the timed flameout. The independent control of the double stove head makes cooking safer and more convenient. Users with high cost and sufficient price budget can consider this stove

in recent years, the kitchen electrical industry has carried out a series of reforms and innovations, especially the gas stove. It has changed the previous stable and stereotyped impression, and the product design has become more fashionable and younger. It has made great efforts in the product experience, and launched a series of high-end intelligent products to bring users a better use experience. The touch-screen stove has been favored by young families





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