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For a long time, food and medical treatment have been hot health issues that people have been concerned about. Meiao wardrobe adheres to the core concept of "people-oriented" and is committed to providing people with a healthy and green home life

Meiao wardrobe adheres to the core concept of "people-oriented" and is committed to providing people with a healthy and green home life. For a long time, food and medical treatment have been hot health issues that people have been concerned about. In modern society, what to eat and how to treat are always the most important topics in people's daily life. People put a lot of energy into food safety and medical health, but few people care about the health of wardrobe, which is closely related to people's life. Health, which accounts for one eighth of life, has not been paid enough attention

under the inherent concept, the health of the wardrobe doesn't seem to be so important. Some people think it's OK to choose clothes casually and put them down. However, there are huge health problems hidden in the wardrobe

about one eighth of one's health in one's life lies in the wardrobe. Wearing clothes every day is a very important factor affecting people's health. If the wardrobe does not meet the environmental protection quality, and an unqualified wardrobe can also cause great harm to health

in April this year, CCTV finance and economics "first time" exposed that the potential formaldehyde of furniture exceeded the standard seriously. The test results showed that the State Administration of quality supervision and administration had tested 85 wooden home manufacturing enterprises in the country. The results showed that 89% of the furniture products tested had benzene exceeding the standard, and 76.9% of the formaldehyde exceeded the standard

In April, 2012, a Qian moved to a house from a village. After checking in, she bought a vertical wardrobe at a certain market and put it beside the bed. "When I bought it at that time, the cabinet had a strong smell," said a Qian, who thought that after a period of time, the taste would naturally disappear. But a few months passed, and the smell of the wardrobe did not disappear. Five months later, a Qian was suddenly caught up in a series of strange diseases

at the beginning of June 2013, tan and Su in Chancheng entrusted Yao to decorate their house, and Yao contracted the labor and materials. After the project was completed at the end of July of the same year, they opened the windows for ventilation for more than a month. In mid September of the same year, Mr. Tan and Mr. Su moved into their new house, but soon after they moved in, they felt difficult to sleep, headache, fatigue, and the woman had abdominal pain and other symptoms

such a shocking phenomenon is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Many inferior wardrobes silently endanger the health of consumers. However, due to the particularity of wardrobes, it is impossible for people to open the surface to see what the internal material is. For the toxic wardrobe, they are a wolf in sheep's clothing

then, will inferior wardrobes always become a nightmare for consumers? In this regard, Xiaobian firmly said no! Xiaobian has always advocated the concept of "scientific Wardrobe", committed to improving the health of consumers' wardrobe, and successfully developed formaldehyde purification technology by using a variety of internationally leading high-tech means to achieve a breakthrough of "zero formaldehyde" in the wardrobe. All raw material buyers in the United States and Australia strictly follow the three-step principle of sample testing, small batch inspection, and large batch use sampling inspection. All materials are purchased in strict accordance with national standards. American and Australian custom wardrobe materials are all made of green materials, which are strictly controlled from the plate and process, and will never use recycled, low-quality materials

the United States and Australia not only strictly select materials, but also have the courage to innovate technology in products. The United States and Australia pioneered the horizontal sealing technology, which can not only keep cockroaches and dust out of the door, but also effectively seal, waterproof and moisture-proof, and keep clothes away from dirt and disease; Three in one upgrades the "four in one connector", solves the problem of loosening in the industry, and creates an absolutely solid drawer, sub rack, and pants rack; The diamond lower rail pulley can slide easily with scientific force and effective load, and the convex rail is much easier to clean than the concave one; Middle horizontal non drilling spacer connection: a top secret weapon that can realize the close connection between the horizontal bar and the mullion without drilling, consolidating the position of the industry...

wardrobe health urgently needs to be paid enough attention to. All products in the United States and Australia will escort the health of Chinese wardrobe with the most advanced technology, the safest materials and the most humanized design. Only more people pay attention to the health of the wardrobe and the quality of the wardrobe, can the toxic wardrobe have nowhere to hide





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